11 anti-mask protesters who disrupted a Utah school board meeting in May were charged by the Salt Lake City Attorney last week.

The protesters were charged with Class B Misdemeanor disorderly conduct and disrupting a public meeting, Fox 13 reported.

Protesters interrupted a Granite District Board of Education meeting on May 4 shouting “No more masks!” forcing the board members to abruptly end the meeting.

Now they’re facing criminal charges and could be hit with a $2,500 fine and spend up to one year in jail.

These protesters are facing jail time for non-violent protest while BLM and Antifa violently attack people without getting arrested.

Fox 13 reported:

The South Salt Lake City Attorney filed charges last week against 11 anti-mask protesters who disrupted a Granite District Board of Education meeting in May.

Many of the protesters were part of a group called Utah Parents United that looked to abolish masks in the state’s K-12 schools with just weeks remaining in the school year.

The following people were arrested:

Ted Michael Tyler – Taylorsville
Scott Randall Sherner – West Valley City
Debora Noriko Arai – West Valley City
Sophia Anderson – Salt Lake City
Angela Kay Van Leeuwen -Salt Lake City
Andrea May Jorgensen – Holladay
Bernadette Ethel Brockman – Taylorsville
Jeremy Kawika Dunyon – West Valley City
Kasey Ray Wilson – West Jordan
Sara Lea McArthur (also known as Sara McArthur Pierce) – American Fork
Kaleb Jeremiah Pierce – American Fork

Officials say a twelfth protester has not yet been identified, but an investigation is ongoing.

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