Paul and Marilyn Hueper

The FBI this week raided a Homer, Alaska couple’s home looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

12 agents broke down the Hueper’s front door with their guns drawn, separated the husband and wife, cuffed them, seized their electronics and interrogated them for 3 hours.

After a 3 hour interrogation, it turned out it was a case of mistaken identity.

The Hueper’s just happened to be on vacation in DC the same week Trump spoke at the Ellipse on January 6 and decided to attend the rally, however they never entered the Capitol building.

Marilyn Hueper said FBI agents accused her of entering the US Capitol building and assisting in the theft of Speaker Pelosi’s laptop.

Near the end of the interrogation, FBI agents pulled out a photo of the woman they were looking for and although the woman resembled her (side-by-side photo of the two women below), it was a case of mistaken identity!

The Huepers were not charged with any crimes.

Anchorage Daily News reported:

Hueper said the agents broke down her door Wednesday morning as she, her husband and some guests were asleep.

When she asked why they didn’t just knock, she was told that they did, but no one answered, so the agents went to get breakfast. When they returned, they knocked again, and when no one answered, they broke open the door, she said.

Hueper said the officers had guns drawn and handcuffed her, her husband and their guests. She and her husband were put in different rooms and couldn’t see what was happening as the officers searched, according to Hueper.

An officer pulled out a photo of a woman in the Capitol on Jan. 6 and asked if she knew who the woman was. Hueper was surprised, she said, because the woman looked like her and had a coat like one she owns. But Hueper said she’s never had a sweater like one the woman was wearing in a second picture.

Hueper said she was able to point to other photos, provided later in the interview, to show differences in her appearance from the woman shown. The woman in the photo has detached earlobes — hers are attached. The other woman also has a different brow shape, Hueper said, adding that she’s never worn the kind of high boots that the woman wore.

“I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. Is that her? That’s clearly not me. Why did you not show me this to start with?’ ” Hueper said.

Meanwhile FBI agents completely ignore Antifa and BLM terrorists who are killing people and burning buildings to the ground.

INSANE. “He was shocked to come out of his bedroom with seven guns pointing at him and his wife. The couple was handcuffed and interrogated for the better part of three hours. In the end, it was a case of mistaken identity.”

January 6 manhunt:

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) April 30, 2021

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