Two more horses died at Churchill Downs this weekend.

A total of 12 horses have died at the home of the Kentucky Derby in less than two months.

Earlier this month is was reported four horses died at Churchill Downs in the runup of the 149th Kentucky Derby.

Two more horses were euthanized this weekend after sustaining significant injuries.

“In today’s first race, Kimberley Dream sustained a significant injury – a distal sesamodean ligament rupture – to her left front leg. A similar injury occurred to Lost in Limbo during Friday’s seventh race. Unfortunately, in both scenarios, attending veterinarians determined that the injuries were inoperable and unrecoverable and made the difficult but most humane decision to euthanize.” Churchill Downs said in a statement on Saturday.

12 horses have died since late March.

“There have been 12 equine fatalities at Churchill Downs since the stable area reopened for training on March 30. It is with absolute dismay and sorrow that we report this highly unusual statistic,” Churchill Downs said.

The equine fatalities are under investigation.

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