Thanks to Joe Biden and the woke US generals the Taliban is now armed to the teeth with up to $85 billion in US weapons.

You’d think there would have been at least ONE general who would have thought this was a bad idea.
Apparently, not. They all were silent as the Biden regime decided to abaondon US weapons and military equipment for the Taliban.

This week the Taliban held another Victory Parade in Kandahar with dozens of US M1117 ASVs and MaxxPro MRAPs left for the Taliban and AlQaeda terrorists.

The United States of America under Joe Biden empowered terrorists for years to come.
This video is recorded during the Taliban’s victory day parade at #Kandahar.

Who think has given these M1117 ASVs & MaxxPro MRAPs to #Taliban & #AlQaeda terrorists?! United States of America! Biden administration has empowered terrorists in-order to create future wars! This video is recorded during the Taliban’s victory day parade at #Kandahar.

— Babak Taghvaee – Μπάπακ Τακβαίε – بابک تقوایی (@BabakTaghvaee) September 3, 2021

More video–

#Taliban parade in #MRAP in #Kandahar, #Afghanistan.

— Heuvelrug Intelligence (@HillridgeOSINT) September 1, 2021

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