ABC’s Jon Karl on Sunday said virtually no one is buying Biden’s claim that soaring gas prices are Putin’s fault.

Joe Biden and his stenographers in the media have been blaming soaring gas prices on Putin, calling it “Putin’s price hike.”

Food prices are soaring and inflation is outpacing wages.

This started well before Putin invaded Ukraine, but Joe Biden and the Democrats are blaming Putin anyway.

chart courtesy of Zero Hedge

“Biden has called it a ‘Putin Price Hike,’ but most Americans aren’t buying it — and the fact is gas prices were on the rise BEFORE Russia invaded Ukraine,” Jonathan Karl said on Sunday.


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday was called out for blaming high food and gas prices on Vladimir Putin.

A White House reporter blasted Psaki as she was leaving the briefing room.

“…So how are people supposed to believe the Putin price hike is to blame for food prices going up when the timeline doesn’t add up?” Fox News Jacqui Heinrich said.

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