The FDA has totally botched the baby formula crisis in the US.  Many believe that the FDA is who created the problem.

Baby Formula Maker Abbott Reaches Deal with FDA to Reopen Michigan Plant – Could Take Two Months Before Product is Available on Shelves

The FDA is also in the middle of the vaccinations that Biden mandated government employees and the military to take. These vaccines were reportedly not very safe.

BREAKING REPORT… Naomi Wolf on War Room – FDA Failed to Mention Heart Damage to Teens When Approving Pfizer Vaccine (VIDEO)

The vaccines the military ordered to be taken by military personnel were never approved by the FDA which the FDA remained silent on. Now 500 military personnel are suing the government for the forced vaccines that were never approved by the FDA.

EXCLUSIVE: Over 500 Military Service Members Sue the Government for Mandating a Vaccine that Was Not FDA Approved and Should Not Have Been Administered

After the many material and damaging mistakes, Democrats are are awarding the FDA with additional funding.

NEW: @AppropsDems have advanced the 2023 Agriculture, Rural Development and FDA funding bill, providing critical funds to help keep American food and baby formula safe.

Learn more:

— House Appropriations (@AppropsDems) June 15, 2022

This is the insane world we live in today.

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