Capitol Police announced on Tuesday that they had captured a wild red fox after it reportedly bit a California Democrat congressman and five other victims at U.S. Capitol and was later euthanized.

“We have received several reports of aggressive fox encounters on or near the grounds of the U.S. Capitol,” Capitol police tweeted.

“For your safety, please do not approach any foxes. Animal Control Officers are working to trap and relocate any foxes they find,” the agency added.

Three hours later, Capitol Police reported that have captured the fox. It is still unclear if there’s only one fox causing the panic.

#BREAKING: Captured.

— U.S. Capitol Police (@CapitolPolice) April 5, 2022

California Democrat Rep. Ami Bera claimed that he was the victim of an “unprovoked” attack by the fox outside the Senate on Monday night, according to Punchbowl News.

“I didn’t see it and all of a sudden I felt something lunge at the back of my leg,” Bera said, adding “I jumped and got my umbrella.”

FOX WATCH: Rep. Ami Bera – who was bit by the infamous fox terrorizing the capitol – describes attack, reacts to its capture: “We want the fox to be treated fairly…But I don’t think there’s going to be a lineup where they’re going to have me look at several different foxes”

— Hillary Vaughn (@hillary__vaughn) April 5, 2022

Bera made a joke about the incident on Tuesday, saying “What does the fox say? Last night, I found out…”And then warned his followers about animal bites and should seek a physician immediately in the case of an encounter.

What does the fox say? Last night, I found out…

Joking aside, animal bites are extremely serious. In the case of an encounter, please speak with a physician immediately:

Happy to report that I am healthy and back at work serving the people of #CA07.

— Ami Bera, M.D. (@RepBera) April 5, 2022

According to the new report, the aggressive fox was euthanized and officials are working to determine the next steps for the fox kits.

DC Health says “At this time, officials are working to determine next steps for the fox kits. No other foxes were found on the Capitol Hill grounds, but it would not be uncommon to see more as there are many present throughout the District.”

— Frank Thorp V (@frankthorp) April 6, 2022

According to Critter Control, foxes are not dangerous and do not harm people unless threatened or if a mother is protecting her kits.  One user said, “Foxes will never willingly interact with humans under normal circumstances.”

Urban foxes are very different. I’m in DC and we have them in our neighborhood. They come out at all times of day and sometimes will follow people walking, especially if walking a dog, but I’ve never seen as aggressive one. They steal little things from our yard too.

— MJ Fritz (@eastbank_dc) April 6, 2022

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