The Canadian President of Alibaba shared at the World Economic Forum on the technology that has been developed that can be used as a ‘carbon footprint tracker’.

J. Michael Evans, president of the Alibaba Group, tells World Economic Forum invitees in Davos his company is developing an “individual carbon footprint tracker.”

“An individual carbon footprint tracker”

Maybe the single greatest threat to human civilization and this guy is giddy about using it to crush people

Abolish the

— Max Gagliardi (@max_gagliardi) May 24, 2022

What could possibly go wrong?

Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Minute notes the concerns with the new technology coming from China’s Alibaba:

The convergence of the Communist and capitalist wellsprings of the new world order – and its ominous implications for Americans and others who love freedom – was on display in Davos, Switzerland yesterday.

At the globalist World Economic Forum, the Chinese Communist Party’s tech giant, Alibaba, unveiled the next big thing in the planet’s inexorable march to the Digital Gulag. It’s called a “personal carbon footprint tracker.”

Evidently, we need not be concerned that Alibaba is a key enabler of the CCP’s totalitarian surveillance state and its uber- Orwellian “Social Credit System.” That’s because, while this tracker will monitor your whereabouts, travel, personal consumption and behavior – offering you inducements to do “the right thing ” – there’s no reason to worry that all of that data will be collected and monitored by Communist China because, you see, it’s “green.”

And you will like being green.

Under the New World Order privacy goes away and is replaced with control.

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