J.R. Majewski seeks to unseat Democrat Marcy Kaptur in Ohio’s 9th district.

J.R. Majewski, a Port Clinton native, U.S. Veteran, and nuclear energy executive, has decided that when it comes to big, pro-America statements, the third time’s the charm.

After first painting a large American flag on his football field sized front lawn, he doubled down by painting a huge Trump flag on the same lawn during the 2020 campaign.

Now, after what J.R. Majewski describes as “a colossal failure in leadership by the Biden Administration,” he painted what he describes as an “SOS,” reaching out to President Trump.

When asked what specifically prompted him to paint this mural, J.R. made no qualms about it.

“The Biden Administration demonstrated a colossal failure of leadership in Afghanistan, a willingness to kowtow to the Taliban, and a traitorous lack of care for America’s technology, citizens stranded abroad, and her allies. This would have never happened under President Trump.”

J.R. believes this puts a fine point on the reason he is campaigning for Congress in Ohio’s 9th district against Marcy Kaptur, a long-standing Congresswoman that J.R. describes as “a California Democrat that got lost in Ohio.”

“I have family members that have fought in every war that America has ever fought. So when I see Socialists like Marcy Kaptur stand by a Biden Administration that has done everything but usher in America’s immediate destruction, I know she has to go.”

J.R. feels that he brings significant real-world experience to an office that has become over-saturated with career politicians looking for a cushy government pension and a pay raise. If you ask him, J.R. will say he is taking a pay cut to run for office, not unlike President Trump.

Having managed multi-million dollar deals in the nuclear industry, having served in Afghanistan, and having already experienced what he describes as “living the American Dream,” he believes it is time to give back to a district that he has seen crumble under the failed leadership of Marcy Kaptur.

He says that not everyone needs to paint a “Trump SOS” in their front lawn. But, maybe if every patriot speaks up and is just a little bit louder, then Ohio’s 9th won’t be the only district to turn Red in 2022.

If you want to learn more and want to support JR, click here.

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