The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft was on Italian television live on Canale Italia on Friday evening.  He responded to questions involving Joe Biden and Ukraine from an American conservative point of view. 

Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit was on Italian TV on Friday night.  He provided the following responses to questions being raised.

In response to what Americans think about Joe Biden, Joe responded at about the 15:00 mark in the video below:

Joe Biden’s popularity is really one of the lowest in recorded history.  He’s not well liked in the United States at all at this time.  There’s various reasons for that.  We had an election which many people believe, I believe a majority of Americans believe was stolen by Joe Biden.

Then his policies have been destructive to America.  We’ve got a border in the South, along the Texas border that’s wide open.  We’ve got Afghanistan where we gave $84 billion to the Taliban, this evil group there that bombed us on 9-11.

In response to Joe Biden’s reactions to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Joe shared:

…We don’t really know who’s running Biden’s Administration because he’s not!  That’s very clear.  He doesn’t have the ability.  So it’s either China, Barack Obama or perhaps George Soros.  Who Tony Blinkin, Joe Biden’s Secretary of State, his parents are connected to Soros. So his policies don’t make any sense.  But we don’t know that he’s really behind those, again.

After discussing that Biden might like a war with Ukraine because it would take the focus off of the failing economy in the US, Joe shared:

Americans don’t want war and we don’t trust Biden in the Ukraine.  The Biden family made millions of dollars in the Ukraine as well as other politicians and so we don’t really trust them.

Joe shared that Putin would not have done this with Trump in office and we know this because Putin didn’t do this when Trump was in office.  As far as running again, we know that Trump has a 96% approval rate among Republicans in a recent poll and he’s beating everyone in any polls at this time for the Presidency.

See more of the interview on live Italian TV in the video below:

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