The annual Turning Point USA AMPFest Conference is being held this weekend in Arizona.

The annual conference devoted to young conservatives is one of the most highly attended political conferences in the United States.

On Monday MAGA favorite Lauren Boebert spoke to the crowd.  Boebert won her election for the US House in Colorado, a state where elections are increasingly questioned and election results are nonsensical.

On Monday a fired up Lauren Boebert spoke to the crowd about Joe and Hunter Biden running an international pay-for-play scheme that raised millions of dollars for the family in exchange for political influence with the Biden family.

The Crowd started chanting, “Lock him up!” when Rep. Boebert mentioned Joe Biden’s part in the criminal scheme.

If we had a working Justice Department we would have already had charges against Joe Biden, his drug-addled son Hunter, and his brother James Biden.

Crooks all.

Via Midnight Rider.

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