A fired dashboard designer claims she was directed to manipulate Covid numbers by deleting Covid deaths and cases from Florida’s raw data are unsupported by evidence.

Conservative media called this out as a hoax last year but now other media outlets are catching up.

Recall, Rebekah Jones claimed the state of Florida was ignoring public safety and manipulating its Covid data.

Governor Ron DeSantis was relentlessly attacked for reopening his state and because of Rebekah Jones’ claims, he was dubbed “DeathSantis.”

Jones claimed the state’s deputy director of health, Dr. Shamarial Roberson ordered her to change the data.

Jones’ former colleagues completely dismantled her claims and just like that, another hoax that was amplified by CNN falls apart.

More from CBS12:

CREDIBILITY QUESTIONED. Former colleagues of fired dashboard designer Rebekah Jones and public health experts tell CBS12 News her claims that she was directed to delete COVID cases and deaths from the state’s data are unsupported by the evidence.
Read: https://t.co/a2YzvkEpqs pic.twitter.com/wNrvioKKFo

— WPEC CBS12 News (@CBS12) May 26, 2021

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