On January 6, 2021, then Vice President Mike Pence had the chance to do what was right and be an American hero.  He could have called for additional time to unravel the corrupt and fraudulent election results from the 2020 Election.  Instead, Pence certified the fraudulent results. 

Now on April Fool’s Day Pence is encouraging good Americans to forget about the past and ignore the stolen election of 2020 that he certified a little more than a year ago.

The Daily Mail reports that Pence is pushing a new campaign which looks like Pence is beginning a run for the Presidency in 2024.  He has no idea how much he is disliked after cowardly certifying the 2020 results.

Former Vice President Mike Pence launched his ‘Freedom Agenda’ Thursday that outlines policy positions he argued conservative candidates can get behind in order to win future elections.

He told Fox News Digital it was important for America’s right-leaning party to ‘rally around a bold, optimistic agenda’ to ‘stop the radical left.’

‘Elections are about the future, and frankly the opposition would love nothing more for conservatives to talk about the past or to talk of the mess they’ve made of the present, but I think it’s of equal importance we focus on where conservatives at every level, whether it’s the active citizen or whether it be people in public life, can carry the country,’ Pence added.

Pence should know by now that nobody cares what he is thinking or doing.  He had his chance and blew.  A chance in a lifetime and instead of being a part of the solution, he was part of the disaster.

A million Americans stood in the frozen air near Washington Monument on January 6 protesting the stolen election of 2020.  President Trump was way ahead and had record-setting results, then suddenly overnight and early the next morning, thousands of ballots were dropped for Joe Biden, giving Biden the lead in the key swing states where President Trump was way ahead when Americans went to sleep.

The steal was in.  The DOJ under Bill Barr refused to look into the massive fraud.  The media refused to report it.  Big Tech censored any mention of the stolen election and Republicans and Democrats began their coverup of the fraudulent results.  The last hope for America was the Vice President.

Today In a Matter of Minutes – Vice President Pence Will Become Known in History as a Hero or a Traitor – Which Will It Be?

In a matter of minutes, Pence showed his true colors.  While the President was speaking in front of the massive crowd next to the Washington Monument, Pence stabbed him and America in the back and certified the 2020 stolen election.  Pence’s name was tarnished for eternity.

Pence Betrayed General Flynn in 2017 and Today He Betrayed President Trump and America

Pence believes he has a chance at earning America’s trust.  He really is an April fool.

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