Arizona is one of just two states in the United States that requires proof of citizenship when registering to vote. The loophole, the Federal Only ballot, which voters may use instead, does not require this documentation. Instead, voters are limited to federal races.
On Saturday night Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend shared the following message to her Telegram page:
“AZ still has over 21k “Federal Only voters” who cannot prove they are a citizen or that they even exist. They are not in the MVD system and all they need is a bank statement (easily doctored) to get a ballot. This will need to be addressed at the Federal level, and I have been working to make this more known for some time. This is the next thing that needs an audit, and voter intimidation is a flimsy excuse not to do it.”
These Federal Only voters may not vote in state or local elections but may cast a ballot for federal races including the 2020 Presidential Election.
President Trump “lost” Arizona by 10,457 votes in 2020. There are more “Federal Only voters” than this in Maricopa County alone.
By law, noncitizens may not vote in federal elections, such as U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and presidential elections.
Only two states require this documentation to vote in local and state races.
Ten municipalities across the country even allowed non-citizens to vote in local elections as of March 2020. Nine were located in Maryland. The other was San Francisco, California.
Nobody should be voting in any race without proof of US citizenship.
It makes you wonder why Joe Biden is shipping illegal immigrants into our communities, on our tax dollars, and giving them exclusive hotels to stay in across the country.

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