A petition for the recall of Arizona Speaker Bowers was refused by the Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The Group America Restored share the following message:

America Restored reported in a press release today that the Arizona Patriot Party with the support of America Restored coalition partners, collected and turned in 24,551 signatures to the Arizona Secretary of State yesterday to recall Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, which was 10% over the 22,331 signatures required.

That afternoon the Arizona Secretary of State office notified the recall applicant and the filing committee chairperson,  Arizona Patriot Party President Steve Daniels that their office was rejecting all 24,551 signatures.

“The people have spoken,” President of the Arizona Patriot Party Steve Daniels said, “but they continue to silence our voices.”

Daniels said what they accomplished was unmatched given the resistance that they faced during the process. Daniels was recently arrested for trespassing at a Chandler School Board meeting among a crowd of over a hundred protesters, which Daniels believes was “politically motivated.”

The rationale for the denial from Hobbs is unknown currently and the group America Restored is now looking at their legal options.

The Group was upset after spending hours in the hot Arizona weather to obtain the signatures for the recall.



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