Blake Masters, a 34-year-old chief operating officer at investment firm Thiel Capital and native Arizonan, launched his campaign for US Senator from Arizona on Monday. Since his launch, Blake has appeared on Newsmax, the Bannon War Room, and has made several media hits.

Blake Masters is already a target of the left. Once you listen to him and hear about his ideas you will know why.

Blake Masters is pro-Trump, pro-American worker, pro-family and pro-audit.

For years Blake worked running Peter Theil’s venture capital fund in Silicon Valley. The fund today is worth upwards of $45 billion.

Today Blake is back in Tucson and ready to take on leftist Senator Mark Kelly, a rubber-stamp for the Marxist left in Washington DC.

Blake spoke with The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft today about his hopes for the state and vision for America. Democrats are already funding Mark Kelly’s campaign in their hope to keep the seat in Arizona. Blake will need millions to compete with the Democrats.

** You can donate to Blake Masters here.

The left is already attacking Blake for promoting one-income families. And if you type in “Blake Masters” in a search bar you will not see on the first page of items. That’s how you know that the left is VERY WORRIED about Blake Masters.

Here is our interview.

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