After the Biden DOJ targeted audit officials in Arizona, AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers punched back HARD with the threat of imprisonment if these gangsters intrude on her turf.

The US Constitution specifically gives the power to the states to regulate federal elections as they see fit.

Arizona Lawmaker Responds to AG Garland: “You Will Not Touch Arizona Ballots or Machines Unless You Want to Spend Time in Arizona Prison”

This Gateway Pundit correspondent had a minute to speak with Sen. Wendy Rogers about this unconstitutional threat.

Conradson: AZ State Senator wendy Rogers issued, a heroic warning to AG garland after the DOJ threatened Arizona’s audit. Have you received a response?

Rogers: I have not but the response from around the country has been overwhelming because but for Arizona, we wouldn’t be doing this gold standard, in-depth forensic audit, and it is my honor to serve the people of Arizona, as I did for my country as an Air Force pilot, but this is a states rights issue. And this is our job as Arizona, as a state legislature, more specifically, the State Senate, to get to the bottom of the truth of 2020. Now I realize that the nation is looking to Arizona, I’ve been honored to host several counterparts, state legislators from other states to come here to see the in-depth nature of the far ranging look that we’ve done at both the balance and the counting and I’m very proud of Arizona.

Conradson: So do you think they’re actually going to abuse their power and come into Arizona or do you think it was just a scare tactic?

Rogers: It’s hard to say. But let me put it this way, they will be legally dealt with, if they come and try to usurp our right as a state legislature, to do what is very important. And I will also say that Arizonans, we’re a tough breed out here. Okay, and we don’t appreciate DOJ Merrick Garland, getting into our mess kit.

The DOJ would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for this warrior! If lawmakers in ALL states stand up with the same courage exhibited by Sen. Rogers, Big government scare tactics will fail every time.

This threat should give other states even more justification to perform their own audit. What are these cronies afraid of? Why are they just now getting involved? 

If you are a legislator, and you are not doing your due diligence to examine this process with the intent of fixing your elections, what are you hiding?

Come to Arizona and see this beautifully performed, “gold standard” audit for yourselves. Protect your constituents’ votes and give them their voices back.



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