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Guest post by Shawn Bradley Witzemann


Dr. Garry Nolan says Aliens are here.

That’s right, according to the preeminent immunologist, inventor, and executive, Extraterrestrial Intelligence is among us. 

“I’ll take it a step further,” Nolan explained during an interview at the SALT iConnections Conference in Manhattan last week, “It hasn’t just visited — it’s been here a long time and it’s still here.”

With much of the world completely consumed with social unrest, economic woe, and the increasing threats associated with World War III, any serious discussion about the nature of reality and human consciousness seems to be placed on the back burner of popular discourse.

Nevertheless, a growing number of experts from the scientific community are becoming increasingly interested in “high strangeness” — areas of study that for decades have been the subject of ridicule from the wider population.

In an increasingly dangerous world, some say a realization of our place in the universe is the only hope for humanity. 

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On May 31, NASA held a public meeting to address the rising interest in Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. 

In his opening remarks, Assistant Deputy Associate Administrator for Research, Dr. Daniel Evans, said UAP has “captured the attention of the public, the scientific community, and the government alike.” 

Astrophysicist Dr. David Spergel explained that the role of the study, commissioned by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, is not to resolve the nature of the phenomena, but to “provide the scientific community with a roadmap” to understanding how data should be gathered and analyzed.  

While there continues to be debate as to what constitutes reliable data, skepticism is healthy for the scientific process.

In his bombshell 18-minute interview on May 22, Dr. Gary Nolan explained his mantra for bridging the remaining gap between experiencers and research:

“Individual experiences are anecdotal, but an anecdote wont convince a scientist,” he said, “Scientists want data, not a conclusion.” 

Nevertheless, many who’ve been involved in civilian UAP research were left disappointed by the open-source discussions of the NASA panel. They believe full disclosure of classified information is the only reasonable path forward.

“Are they going to allow AARO & NASA to pretend they are still trying to figure out if non-human intelligences are interacting with Earth 76 years after Roswell?” Brian Johnson asked openly on Twitter.

Disclosure proponent and former CIA Officer John Ramirez says patience is a virtue with so many who’ve worked in the shadows beginning to come forward as witnesses — eager to share what they know. 

In a recent interview, Ramirez pointed back to a time when there was “no impetus” for the government to provide information to the public.

Ramirez believes we are in an era of soft disclosure ahead of what he describes as a plan for “controlled dissemination” that will intensify significantly in 2027.

“It seems that there’s always people in the background, who are not in government, who seem to be pulling the strings,” Ramirez said after giving a “shoutout” to the works of independent researchers Joseph Farrell and John W. Warner IV, “It’s not that I’m saying we are mind controlled by reptilians, but we need to look beyond what the media tells us to look at and what the schools taught us in our history books.”

Reptilian conspiracy theories aside, official admissions from government agencies seem like a positive step toward further understanding the human experience, but Ramirez warns that “without the actual data, all is for nought,” and that we need to “allow civilian scientists to participate in the process” with access to classified data and meta materials. 

Dr. Nolan believes that increased professionalization will lead to more scientific exploration of the unknown — leading away from a time in human history that may well be looked at like a dark age in the years to come. 

“I think of it as an intelligence test”, Nolan says,  “Can you see what’s in front of you for what it really is

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