Attorney and author Sidney Powell joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Wednesday morning after Mail Chimp de-platformed her account late last night.

Sidney Powell: Mail Chimp just de-platformed my law firm last emails from because apparently we were talking about defending the republic. And, they just can’t stand the truth, Steve! That’s all it is. They want to suppress free speech. They can’t stand the truth. They are absolutely terrified of it… They don’t know what to do so they lash out at us with labels like conspiracy theorists or racists, or mock us. And that’s because they have absolutely nothing…

Steve Bannon: Andrew Weissmann is a sociopath… Why has he not been charged with anything?… People need to understand, when we take over in ’22 and ’24 – New deal. No more like it was in ’16. The same people who were around Trump talking and everything. They’re all gone… They’re all gone. They ran for the hills.

Via The War Room:

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