The New Hampshire audit of Windham is horrible.  Its auditors lack independence and are conflicted due to their relationships with Democrat devils Pelosi and Schumer and each other.  And, their audit plan was a bad joke from the start.

We uncovered on Wednesday, May 26, that the audit in New Hampshire was over before it started.  Two of the three auditors selected to perform the audit have connections to Pelosi and Schumer and the third auditor had his connections with the other auditors wiped from the Internet a few days after he was selected for the audit.

URGENT MESSAGE From American Patriots to People of Windham: Your Forensic Audit in Windham is being Secretly Sabotaged

Today we have much more.   

Uncoverdc has done some exceptional work putting together more questionable and concerning actions related to the audit in Windham.

The first observation by uncoverdc is that only one of the auditors was involved in the audit the last few days of the audit.  (Reminder that the requirement was for three auditors involved in this work.)

Thursday is the final day of the forensic audit in Windham, New Hampshire. Despite being chosen as a team, computer programmer and voting machine hacker Harri Hursti has managed the last remaining days of the audit by himself, opening up the voting machines to examine them forensically on Wednesday.

Hursti apparently had a bone to pick with some observers claiming he uncovered the ballot fold issue and not a local resident who brought it to his attention.

The problem here for Hursti is that his connections with the other auditors being hidden as soon as he was named the third auditor and his knowledge that looking at the machines and memory cards is a worthless exercise eliminate him from being an independent and really show much about his current character.  As we noted previously in the article above:

Therefore, back in 2007, the Diebold machines and memory cards that Hursti boasted about being able to secretly control, are the same ones Lindeman, Hursti, and Stark were all supposed to audit.

Hursti agreeing to “audit” these Diebold memory cards, given his national exposure of their egregious built-in flaws, is indefensible, suspicious and you now have to wonder, just what is his real agenda?  Also, why, did Verified Voting appear to disappear evidence of Hursti’s seat upon its advisory board?

VV’s current webpage shows he is not a member. However, the Internet Archive tells a very different story. As of April 29, Hursti is shown as being a member. On May 3, the NH AG and SoS hired him to be a member of their audit team. Two days later, on May 5, any evidence of Hursti’s participation as an advisor with Verified Voting had been deleted.

A local patriot who went in on her own time to observe the audit had a damning update of what she saw.

The main issue to be investigated was why were certain ballots in one machine (Machine 2) in the Windham election causing issues.  Hursti claims it’s due to dust:

The scanner unit can not be opened for cleaning without time consuming disassembly. We have no way of knowing how much paper dust remained on the reader heads after blowing compressed air through – and we do not know how much there was dust in the “cleaner” units.

— Harri “scofield” Hursti (@HarriHursti) May 26, 2021

What Hursti is really saying is that a little bit of dust in the Diebold machines changed the election results in the Town of Windham, and, by extension, the entire state of New Hampshire.  Seriously?
The military used computers in the Iraq War, off-the-shelf computer components, and they functioned in very dusty conditions without any significant failures.  But a little dust in Windham, New Hampshire took down an entire town’s election?
(Wonder what BS Hursti would put out there when combining both dust and water?  Mud?)

Patriots who want to know that our voting systems are working without errors looked into other locations and concluded that in multiple locations they are finding the same thing.  This is well documented in the outstanding video below.  There is at least one machine that is reporting unreasonable results in each location reviewed and these results ALWAYS GO AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS.

(Note that I have been involved in hundreds of audits around the world – operational, financial, IT, and fraud audits.  I have never seen or heard of such shoddy audits as the ones performed in Maricopa for the Board of Supervisors there and this audit being performed in New Hampshire.  This work is a show it’s not an audit.)

The audit in New Hampshire is a sham.  There are conflicts of interest and independence issues.  The auditors don’t seem to really have a clue of what they are looking at and they are coming up with bogus results rather than results based on sophisticated analysis. 

New Hampshire and America deserve better.

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