An Australian cartoonist is canned for the creation of a cartoon about the COVID-19 vaccines comparing Australias mandates to the Tiananmen Square massacre.

The Daily Mail reports:

Cartoonist Michael Leunig has been axed from his prime spot in The Age newspaper after a cartoon comparing resistance against mandatory Covid vaccines to the fight for democracy in Tiananmen Square was censored.

‘Apparently, I’m out of touch with the readership,’ Leunig told The Australian’s Media Diary of his sacking from providing the editorial page cartoon in Monday editions of the Melbourne-based publication.

Leunig’s cartoon, which never made the paper, featured one of his typically fragile, big-nosed figures facing the silhouette of a tank with a syringe in place of the gun turret.

Tyranny is not a monopoly in the US.

The political cartoonist in Australia was canned for this cartoon …the internet knows what to do.

— Ed The Obsolete Man…a Free Thinker (@DowdEdward) October 26, 2021

Free speech be damned.  

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