Aussies have had enough.  The people in Australia are now ignoring ‘health’ orders at Sydney’s beautiful Bondi Beach and going about their lives.

Reports from Sydney show the people in Australia are now ignoring the state’s insane COVID rules.

Bondi Beach today.
The Lockdown has ended through civil disobedience.
When government failed, the people took things into their own hands to reclaim their lives and their sanity.

— Real Mark Latham (@RealMarkLatham) September 11, 2021

More and more Aussies are fed up with their country’s insane COVID rules.


This picture was taken within the last 60 minutes at BONDI BEACH, SYDNEY!

Enforcement of the public health order is Eastern Sydney appears to have COMPLETELY COLLAPSED!

Citizens in Western Sydney have every right to be OUTRAGED!


— John Adams (@adamseconomics) September 12, 2021

A local police officer begs Aussies to put their masks on and comply with social distancing to no avail.


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