The award-winning Solorzano’s Pizza and Italian Eatery in Sarasota, Florida has a new bestseller from their new menu item – a pizza with “FJB” written in pepperoni toppings and the latest addition is “LGB” – for “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Solorzano designed new pizza with “FJB” which means “F*** Joe Biden.”  According to the owner, this is due to his frustration with the Biden administration in terms of supply chain issues resulting in high prices of certain items and fewer stocked items. The restaurant has had some positive feedback on their pizza line-up except for some hateful comments from the intolerant left.

ABC7 reported:

Solorzano designed a pizza that reads “FJB” spelled out in pepperoni. It stands for “F** Joe Biden.” Palin took the marketing to social media where it has caught fire.

Solorzano says high prices drove him to make the pizza, “The reason why I did it, I own a bunch of locations and I’ve been seeing the prices go up. The pepperoni. Everything.”

Palin says the restaurant is not raising its prices and they are eating the cost. It is frustrating as business owners.

They have received multiple orders for the item, he noted.

Palin and Solorzano are admittedly not fans of Biden and he has received multiple negative reviews after he created the FJB menu item. His fans, he writes, are fighting back in the comments. However, if someone walks in and orders an “FDT” pizza, Palin says he would make it.

“We would absolutely make a pizza with that. If you come in with $19 for a pepperoni pizza, we’ll write whatever you want,” Palin said.

The restaurant is also selling t-shirts.


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