Today was expected to be the final day in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum but the audit team is still processing data. Tomorrow auditors will evacuate the Coliseum.

The audit team is finally wrapping up, however, they have been held back by Maricopa County again.

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson spoke to Arizona Audit spokesperson Randy Pullen for another update on the historic full forensic audit. 

Conradson: So can you tell us about what’s going on, on the floor today.

Pullen: Absolutely as you know, we are moving out of the coliseum tomorrow. As you can see, all the equipment is being taken down and boxed up and moved out of the coliseum. 46 pallets of boxes will all be put over into another building here on the grounds, it’s the same building we used before. They will be stored there for a couple of weeks, a few minor things still need to be done, with respect to some software additions they made. We got some additional information for the county. Apparently there was a difference on how many duplicate ballots there were, per batch. So they gave us a new list. And so we had to create software that took that data and compared it to our data to deal with the duplicate ballots and so they’re finishing that up and down here they’re wrapping that up, and then down here they’re finishing up in the boxes, getting then ready for movement.

Conradson: And have you heard anything regarding routers or passwords from the county?

Pullen: none of that information has been provided to us, and it’s something that the Senate will have to go back to the county and request those items. So again, it’s very difficult to complete the audit without getting that information

Conradson: We need that information for the full forensic side correct?

Pullen: Yes

Because Maricopa County did not provide data for ballots that were set aside for duplication, until about a week ago, The audit team must recheck their data and reconcile it with the County’s data.

This is just another roadblock that the county has put up for the audit team. For all we know, they were manipulating the data while refusing to provide it. 

In addition, the County still refuses to provide audit officials with Dominion routers and administrative passwords which are necessary for the full forensic audit.

If it is found that the total number of ballots does not match the certified number of ballots, that alone is enough proof of a fraudulent election. 

Once those results are released, Maricopa County will need to comply with this investigation.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann maintains her stance that this audit is about accuracy and the Arizona Senate is in no rush to release the results.

This election was compromised and the world will soon know the truth.

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