Trump-Endorsed US Senate Candidate Blake Masters is taking heat from the fake news media after heroically stepping in to stop a violent disruptor and registered sex offender who allegedly punched a woman in the face during a campaign stop in Green Valley, Arizona. 

The Fake News is desperately trying to take down Blake Masters, especially now that President Trump has endorsed him.

Before speaking at a GOP grassroots meeting in Green Valley last Saturday, Blake Masters was involved in removing an attacker and convicted sex offender from the event. After the “protestor” became violent and hit a woman, Blake Masters pushed the man, and he fell. Police then apprehended the man, who was charged with assault and trespassing.

The lunatic was attempting to disrupt the event wearing his BLM shirt, a mask, and sunglasses indoors.

Masters shared a video of himself later telling the crowd,

Masters: He hit a woman and that is not something that you do. So me and a couple of guys intervened, and now he’s being wheeled out on a stretcher. So, you know what the New York Times headline is going to be: “US Senate Candidate Blake masters Punches a Peaceful Elderly Protester.” That’s the kind of treatment that the left wing media has been giving me lately, which tells me that I’m over the target.

A masked-up guy with a BLM shirt crashed this GOP event tonight. Started causing trouble, then he hit a woman. So me and some guys put him on the ground, then the police came for him.

Fake news headline tomorrow: Senate Candidate Blake Masters ATTACKS Peaceful Protestor!

— Blake Masters (@bgmasters) June 5, 2022

The Tucson Sentinel, siding with the crazed old man, later reported that Blake Masters “roughed up” a 73-year-old Democrat protestor. Masters shared a screenshot of the article on Twitter, noting that he knew they would try to make him the bad guy as usual.

LOL I called it — the media tries to make *me* the bad guy, for defending a woman after she was punched. 10/10 would do again

— Blake Masters (@bgmasters) June 8, 2022

In the video shared by Masters, the perpetrator, Peter Jackson, appears to hit a woman in the face with his camera in hand, and then falls to the ground after Masters stepped between the two.

Masters tweeted,

Masters: This guy hit a woman in the jaw. I saw it, clear as day. He should not have done that!

This guy hit a woman in the jaw. I saw it, clear as day. He should not have done that!

— Blake Masters (@bgmasters) June 8, 2022

It was later discovered that Jackson was previously convicted of sexually assaulting his own daughter.

The Arizona Daily Independent reported,

The Democratic activist who went into a Republican Party event in Green Valley last week intent of being disruptive and ended up on the floor before being handed a criminal citation is a 73-year-old registered sex offender, according to public records.

Peter Jackson was arrested June 4 after a physical altercation with several attendees at a “Candidate Open Mic Kegger Event” hosted by the United Republicans of Green Valley / Sahuarita at their office in the Continental Shopping Plaza. He has a June 23 initial court appearance for two charges – simple assault and trespassing.

Jackson’s court order to appear on the citation is not his first experience with the judiciary. Jackson was convicted in Hawaii in 2000 of sexual assault, according to court records. A jury found him guilty of placing his penis on his daughter’s body and touching her breast.

This isn’t the first time left-wing media has sided with perverts and criminals.

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