Just a week before Wisconsin’s election day, voting officials in Milwaukee are asking over 200 absentee voters to recast their ballots due to a printing error.

WISN 12 News reported the Milwaukee Election Commission discovered a printing error on 700 ballots that resulted in candidates names to be reversed on the ballots for Milwaukee’s District 5 Aldermanic race.

Of the 700 ballots, 200 were received by voters and 500 were stopped at the Post Office before they were sent out to voters.

Candidate Lamont Westmoreland explained why the printing error was so detrimental and stated “The machine reads the oval right. It reads the oval, it does not read the printed name. So if somebody were to vote for me, my opponent would get the vote, and vice versa.”

Ballot printing error affects Milwaukee aldermanic race https://t.co/FieaV3piq8

— WISN 12 NEWS (@WISN12News) March 27, 2023

Per WISN 12 News:

Barely a week before Election Day, Milwaukee voting officials are asking 200 absentee voters to recast their ballots.

The Milwaukee Election Commission explained a printing error resulted in the inadvertent reversal of the names of the candidates running to represent District 5 on the Milwaukee Common Council.

Candidate Lamont Westmoreland was in the midst of his campaign two weeks ago when he heard the news from the election commission.

Many Republicans have deemed Wisconsin’s election on April 4th as one of the most important elections in 2023 due to the fact Wisconsin’s Supreme Court will be impacted by it.

OPINION: The Wisconsin Supreme Court Race is the Most Consequential Election of 2023

“Listen to me clearly: If we do not elect Justice Daniel Kelly on April 4th, the newly flipped liberal Court will strike down Wisconsin’s current voter ID law.”https://t.co/yJxg5IL5oa

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) March 28, 2023

Watch WSN 12 News exclusive report regarding the printing error here:

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