The Biden/Obama gang’s answer to high gas prices is to allow Iran to sell its oil freely around the world.

With gas prices at record highs recently in the US due to the Biden/Obama gang’s efforts to shut down drilling in the US, the White House has figured out an answer.   They will allow the terrorist nation of Iran to sell their oil on world markets.

You can’t make this stuff up.  Let’s face it, the Biden regime is not working for the American people but it is working for terrorist regimes and China.

Earlier this year the price of gas in the US reached record highs for days in a row.  Recently the prices have come down a bit but still are at record highs.  These costs go straight to the consumers in the US which is one reason why the US is in a recession.

Gas Prices STILL the Highest on Record in US History — But Biden and Democrats Claim They Lowered the Price

The US was energy independent under President Trump and the world’s top producer of oil.  The costs of gas to the consumers were $2 or less per gallon.  This quickly changed when Biden/Obama took over the White House.

The Biden gang claims that they are not responsible for the high gas prices or destroying the US economy but the truth says otherwise.

“Joe Biden and the Democrat Party Are, in Fact, Responsible for Sabotaging Our Economy” – Mark Levin on FOX News

Biden’s answer to record high gas prices is not to help Americans.  It’s not to drill again in the US.  Biden’s answer is to allow Iran to sell its oil freely around the world.  Insanity.

Yesterday, reported:

Oil closed down almost $6 a barrel on Tuesday, with global crude benchmark Brent falling beneath key $100 pricing, after a pro-Tehran television station out of London reported that Iran and the United States have reached a deal to revive a nuclear deal that could legitimately put the Islamic Republic’s oil back on the export market.

“Iran and the US have reached an agreement (on revival of JCPOA), and it will be announced in the next two or three weeks,” a former IAEA official told Iran International, according to a news alert monitored by

Brent crude, the London-traded global benchmark for oil, settled down $5.78, or 5.5%, at $99.31 per barrel, after falling more than $6 earlier to a session low of $96.64. Brent closed Monday’s session up almost 4%.

New York-traded West Texas Intermediate crude, the benchmark for US crude, settled down $5.37, or 5.5%, at $91.64 per barrel after a session low was $90.56. Just a day earlier, WTI jumped 4.2%.

Unless WTI experienced a quick bounce-back, it could return to the $88 lows seen in recent weeks, cautioned Sunil Kumar Dixit, a technical chartist for oil and strategist at

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