The Gateway Pundit reported one month ago on March 3rd that the US economy was contracting and in the early stages of a recession.  Today’s numbers show that this is still the case. 

One month ago we reported that the US economy was contracting and not growing.  There were signs that the economy was moving into a recession.

BIDEN ECONOMY: Leading Independent Economic Indicators Show GDP Is Contracting – US in Early Stages of Recession

Today those signs continue showing the US is moving in the wrong direction leading to recession.

The IHG Monthy GDP Index shows the US GDP has decreased from last October 2021’s high.  Simply put, the US economy is decreasing, not growing.

Not only is the US heading into a recession, but inflation is also at either all-time or 40-year highs.

American Households Face $5,200 Biden Inflation Tax This Year – San Fran Fed Blames Historic Inflation Rate on Government Spending

What a mess Biden has made of this economy in just one year. And it looks like there are difficult days ahead. 

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