Trump was right.  The Taliban is now holding US hostages in Afghanistan after Joe Biden’s bumbling disastrous withdrawal from the country.

It wasn’t bad enough that Joe Biden left the Taliban with $85 billion in arms and uniforms, he had to leave them hundreds of Americans and US allies as potential hostages in the country too.

Several Americans and US allies have been held up at the Mazar-i-Sharif Airport in northern Afghanistan for over 10 days now.

On Monday Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted there is a hostage situation at the airport today.

He finally admitted the obvious. The Taliban is now holding Americans hostage.

Secretary Blinken just admitted that the Taliban has blocked American charter flights out of Afghanistan.

This is a hostage situation.

— House Republicans (@HouseGOP) September 13, 2021

Last week Blinken said the passengers trying to flee the Taliban killers didn’t have the proper paperwork.

This NEVER stopped Democrats from admitting a single illegal alien from entering the US from Central America.
What world are these people living in?

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