Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said California is “in the lead” on energy and can “show the rest of the nation how it is done.”


Energy Secretary Granholm: California is ‘in the lead’ on energy.

Reality: California’s green energy policies are causing blackouts at this exact moment.

— Daniel Turner (@DanielTurnerPTF) September 6, 2022

Meanwhile in the Democrat hellhole of California…

The state’s grid operator @California_ISO has directed utilities to prepare for possible rotating power outages due to the potential for electricity supply on the larger Western region grid to fall short of the increased demand:

— Pacific Gas & Electric (@PGE4Me) September 6, 2022

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is begging people to turn off their lights and not use appliances to avoid power outages amid soaring temps.

This is after California banned gas-powered car sales starting in 2035.

Newsom obsessively tweeted and retweeted “Flex Alert” instructions to Californians.

CA is experiencing an unprecedented heatwave. This will be the hottest & longest on record for September.

Our energy grid is being pushed to its max. The risk of outages is real.

We need everyone to double down to save energy after 4pm

— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) September 6, 2022

Newsom continued to beg people to set their thermostats to 78 and avoid using large appliances Tuesday evening.

CALIFORNIA: We’re now in a Flex Alert.

What does that mean? We all need to conserve as much energy as possible during this record breaking heatwave.

Here’s what to do until 9pm tonight:
– Set thermostats to 78
– Turn off unnecessary lights
– Avoid using large appliances

— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) September 7, 2022

California’s (unelected) Democrat Senator Alex Padilla told Californians not to do their laundry or wash dishes.

This is what it’s like living under total Democrat rule.

The politicians are telling people when they can wash their dishes.

Fellow Californians, we’re in the midst of an unprecedented heat wave.

Here’s how you can help conserve

Before 4pm, pre-cool your home
Between 4-9pm, set your thermostat to 78 or
Delay dishes & laundry
Unplug unused devices

Learn more at

— Alex Padilla (@AlexPadilla4CA) September 6, 2022

This is what Joe Biden and the Democrats want for all Americans.

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