Representative Paul Gosar accused Biden’s government of maintaining two secret lists that it uses to strip its enemies of their constitutional rights.  These enemies, like activist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer, are those Americans who love God, their country, and freedom.  

Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) released a letter this week he sent to Biden’s corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland addressing the secret lists he has put in place illegally and unconstitutionally.

Between the No Fly List and the NICS List, there are two secret lists the government uses to strip American citizens of their constitutional rights. But they do so in secret. With no charges. No hearing. No due process. It is a remnant from Soviet Russia and it needs to end.

— Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (@RepGosar) October 28, 2021

Here is Gosar’s letter:

page 2

page 3

Activist Laura Loomer released the following statement regarding these secret government lists:

BREAKING: Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has drafted a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray inquiring about why they’re illegally red flagging conservatives through the secret FBI NICS database.

Congressman Gosar asked the FBI whether or not they were trying to entrap me when they illegally red flagged me, BANNING me from ever being able to own or possess a firearm, without ever notifying me when they placed me on the NICS database after I confronted former FBI Director James Comey.

I’m pleased to announce I will be working with Congressman Gosar on ANTI-RED FLAG legislation so the FBI & DOJ can no longer politically target Americans & strip them of their Second Amendment Rights!

Thank you Congressman Gosar! I’m proud to have Congressman Gosar’s endorsement in my FL Congressional campaign. #AmericaFirst

Loomer also shared with TGP.

First they ban you on social media. Then the banks ban you. Then you’re banned from owning a gun.

I’m the test case and the original canary in the coal mine for what Big Tech and the Biden regime want to make mainstream for all Consevative Americans.

I’m running for Congress, and when I win I’m going to fight like hell to make sure what has happened to me NEVER happens to you or any other American EVER AGAIN!


This should never happen in America.  We must end the Biden gang’s assault on America for the sake of our children’s future.

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