They must have realized Putin would eat Biden’s lunch. 

Biden won’t hold a joint press conference with Russian President Putin after all.  Biden called for a meeting a couple of months ago.  This was after Putin challenged Biden to a debate.

Biden Speaks to Putin, Calls for Summit in ‘Third Country in Coming Months’

Biden will meet with Putin next week and hold an individual presser without Putin present.

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not have a joint news conference after they meet in Geneva next week, according to a White House official.

Biden will instead hold a solo press conference after Wednesday’s meeting, which will include a working session and a smaller session.

“We expect this meeting to be candid and straightforward, and a solo press conference is the appropriate format to clearly communicate with the free press the topics that were raised in the meeting — both in terms of areas where we may agree and in areas where we have significant concerns,” the official told reporters traveling with Biden at the G-7.

To date, Biden has been very accommodating to Russian President Putin.   

Biden backed down on moving US ships into the Black sea abandoning an attempt to stop Putin from taking action with Ukraine.  As soon as he did, Putin took over two Ukrainian ports.

After Biden Decides Not to Move Two US Navy Ships Into Black Sea, Russia Blocks Two Ukrainian Ports – Biden Next Kicks 10 Russians Out of the US and Putin Says “A Price Will Be Paid”

Biden also waived sanctions to Putin’s pipeline to Germany while at the same time shutting down the Keystone Pipeline in the US.

AMERICA LAST: Biden Shuts Down Keystone Pipeline in US — But Waives Sanctions for Putin’s Pipeline to Germany

After calling Putin “a killer” earlier this year, Putin challenged Biden to a debate.  Of course, this will never happen now.

Vladimir Putin Ups the Ante, Challenges Joe Biden to a Live, Public Debate: “Without Any Delays” – Biden Declines

How many people around the world know that Biden is totally lost all the time. It really appears that Obama and China are running the White House now.

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