Joe Biden once again has no public events scheduled for Wednesday.

Biden went into hiding after his corrupt Justice Department released a staged photo of ‘classified’ documents strewn over the floor at Mar-a-Lago.

Joe Biden has not done an on-camera interview with an American outlet since February 10.

Biden’s handlers have trotted him out only a few times in the last 6 weeks.

Biden tested positive for Covid for the first time on July 21.

After quarantining and hiding for over one week, Biden caught Covid a second time on July 30 and went into hiding AGAIN.

After hiding in Covid isolation for two weeks at the White House, Joe, his crackhead son Hunter and Jill took off for South Carolina for a weeklong beach vacation.

Biden then traveled from South Carolina to his Rehoboth Beach vacation home where he continued to hide.

The last time we saw Biden was Tuesday afternoon when he delivered an unhinged speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden’s speech was full of gaffes, lies and bizarre stories.

Things went sideways when Joe Biden veered off-script and told a story about being the “only white guy” working as a lifeguard in Delaware.

Biden told the crowd that this part of town, which is full of blacks, has the ‘highest crime rate in the country.’

Joe Biden also threatened “right-wing Americans” in his PA speech.

“For those brave right-wing Americans… if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something little more than a gun,” said Biden.

They’re really going to hide Biden as much as possible until the midterm elections.

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