Joe Biden on Monday traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to promote his ‘Infrastructure Law.’

Biden absurdly claimed the US went from an economic crisis to an economic resurgence due to his ‘Infrastructure Law’ and other spending bills.

Joe Biden also took credit for gas prices coming down a little in the past month.

It’s Putin’s fault when gas prices soar, but when prices come down it’s because of Joe Biden’s brilliant policies.

“The price of gas, when we said what I was doing wouldn’t make any difference, well guess what, it’s down $1.30 since the start of the summer,” said Biden.

Biden also said he built an economy that finally works for working families.

“We started with the American Rescue Plan that’s taken us from economic crisis to economic resurgence,” said Biden.

No serious person believes this.

The US is currently in a recession and inflation rates are at 40-year highs.


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