Joe Biden’s response to reporters today was to bash President Trump again.  Americans aren’t buying it.

Joe Biden looked wiped out today when responding to a question from reporter Steve Doocy.

Ok, Brandon.

— AnÐy (@andyhit48) November 3, 2021

Other comments were gold:

Step down

— Scurri (@Scurri2) November 3, 2021

Biden also said the jab mandate was a lie. He lied when saying this. And then again, the election steal is known as the Big Lie.

He also said mandating the jab wasnt going to happen on any level and look where we are with that.

— Mike (@MikeFiveOh) November 3, 2021

He finished by bashing Trump again.

Policy: orange man bad

— King Legolas of Hastings (@BockerLocker) November 3, 2021

Biden may not yet know how much he is disliked. This happens when you give terrorists billions in arms while being responsible for 13 dead soldiers.

Joe woke from his nap and looked at his approval rating!

— Warm40 (@Warm401) November 3, 2021

Americans see right through Biden – Virginia proves it.

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