We heard in July that the Biden/Obama Administration will not allow Cubans into the country as refugees.

UNREAL: Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Says True Refugees Fleeing Haiti and Cuba by Boat Will Not Be Given Refuge – But Fake Refugees Still Welcome

In late July the Biden/Obama Administration sent refugees back to Cuba.

Biden Admin Takes Action Against Cuban Refugees In 21-Foot Vessel Trying To Flee The Communist Hellhole — But All the Other Fake Refugees Are Welcome

Over the weekend, 13 Cubans were apprehended and processed for what according to the Biden/Obama policy will be a short trip back to communist Cuba.

The 13 Cubans who were apprehended on Tuesday were interviewed by the Border Patrol, processed for removal proceedings and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to a Customs and Border Protection spokesperson.

If you are a refugee from a communist nation then you have no chance of staying in the US in this administration.  You will be sent back. Unvetted men from Afghanistan are welcome.

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