Every move Biden makes helps China and hurts the US.  Remember this.  Every move.

American Military News reports the following:

President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping may be near reopening consulates closed as relations spiraled in the final year of the Trump administration, a step that would mark progress in repairing fractured ties.

The two leaders may are also likely to announce an easing of visa restrictions, Politico reported Thursday, citing sources it did not identify.

Xi and Biden could agree on a framework for reducing trade tensions that erupted during the Trump administration, the news website said, and Biden is likely to seek more talks between climate envoys.

In July 2020, Washington told China to shutter its consulate in Houston, prompting Beijing to retaliate with an order for a U.S. diplomatic facility in the southwestern city of Chengdu to close. The Trump administration said its move was necessary because China directed criminal and covert activity to steal trade secrets and carry out malign influence operations across the U.S., though it never provided evidence of that.

Last year President Trump closed the Chinese Consulate in Houston after finding out they were using the consulate to spy on Americans.

Chinese Nationals Caught Burning Documents Shortly After US Orders China Consulate in Houston Closed Due to Espionage and Theft

Biden is now reportedly getting ready to bring China’s Consulate back so they can continue to spy on the American people.  Biden also is doing nothing about China releasing COVID-19 on the world which led to hundreds of thousands of American deaths and trillions in economic destruction.

Biden acts like he is on China’s side, not America’s.

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