Biden said he would protect Taiwan against China and then after the event was over, his gang said maybe not.

Frank Gaffney shared the following this week about Biden’s actions that embolden China.

The one national security policy that has proven effective in deterring conflict is what Ronald Reagan famously called “Peace through Strength.” #China #Biden

— Frank Gaffney (@frankgaffney) October 21, 2021

Then during his town hall on CNN last week Biden said he would protect Taiwan from China.  American Military News reported:

During a CNN town hall discussion on Thursday, President Joe Biden vowed to protect Taiwan if it is attacked by China.

During the town hall, a member of the audience noted a suspected August Chinese hypersonic missile test and asked “What will you do to keep up with them militarily? And can you vow to protect Taiwan?”

Biden replied, “Yes and yes.”

Biden then said, “We are — militarily, China, Russia, and the rest of the world knows we have the most powerful military in the history of the world. Don’t worry about whether we’re going to — they’re going to be more powerful. What you do have to worry about is whether or not they’re going to engage in activities that will put them in a position where there — they may make a serious mistake.”

“And so, I have had — I have spoken and spent more time with Xi Jinping than any other world leader has,” Biden continued. “That’s why you have — you know, you hear people saying, ‘Biden wants to start a new Cold War with China.’ I don’t want a Cold War with China. I just want to make China understand that we are not going to step back. We are not going to change any of our views.”

CNN host Anderson Cooper then asked, “So, are you saying that the United States would come to Taiwan’s defense if China attacked?”

“Yes,” Biden said. “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.”

However, Biden’s gang after the town hall was to soften Biden’s comments about China. shared the following on Friday the 22nd:

Yesterday, our Committee on the Present Danger: China convened a riveting and extremely timely Emergency Summit on Taiwan in the face of the growing threat to that island nation and its freedom-loving people by the Chinese Communist Party.

Many important suggestions were made about specific steps the United States needs to take NOW to deter the CCP from launching an invasion. A recurrent theme, however, was the imperative of demonstrating resolve to defend Taiwan.

When asked last night during a CNN Townhall whether we would do so if China attacked, Joe Biden said forthrightly, “Yes, we have agreed to do that.” Unfortunately, the White House once again signaled afterwards that the President meant to say something less resolute.

Check out why such behavior is a formula for a possibly avoidable and surely devastating war – and why it must be rejected – at

The CCP is emboldened by Biden and his destruction of America and our allies.  We are in very dangerous times.

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