Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on the June jobs report.

The June jobs report was another disappointment because the Biden Administration is paying people to sit at home and do nothing.

But Biden bragged about the 850,000 “jobs added” — or people going back to work (no jobs were actually created).

And don’t forget the 16 cents in savings for this year’s July 4th cookout!

Biden snapped at a reporter after he mumbled through his presser with his notecards.

“I’m not going to be answering anymore questions on Afghanistan. Look, it’s Fourth of July… I’ll answer all your negative questions — not negative, your legitimate questions.”

A reporter followed up and asked Biden what he thought was going to happen to unvaccinated people this 4th of July.

Joe Biden said unvaccinated people are going to die from the Delta variant and even pass the virus to their pets.

81 million votes…


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