Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Joe Biden on Wednesday in Switzerland.

Biden looked lost and had to rely on his notecards to get him through the meeting that was supposed to last 4 to 5 hours.

US hack reporters were shoved and pushed out of the room for the meeting as chaos broke out.

Russia’s foreign ministry tweeted out a photo of the Biden Putin meeting because US media was tossed out.

Russia outmaneuvered Biden in Switzerland.

Первые кадры с расширенных переговоров Президентов России и США Владимира Путина и Джозефа Байдена


— МИД России (@MID_RF) June 16, 2021

Biden snubbed reporters again after his meeting with Putin wrapped up earlier than anticipated.

Biden’s meeting with Putin lasted less than 4 hours.

Notice Biden put his sunglasses on after he got into the motorcade (with tinted windows).


President Joe Biden departs after a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin

— The Hill (@thehill) June 16, 2021

Biden will be holding a solo press conference later Wednesday with a list of pre-approved reporters.

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