Joe Biden rarely sticks around Washington DC. on the weekend and works.  He likely is too weak and needs the comfort of his home like typical senile elderly individuals.

What’s the deal about Democrats picking candidates too weak or sick to work.  In the 2016 we identified the fact that Hillary was taking weekends off.  This was published at the top story at Drudge Report when reported.

EXHAUSTED HILLARY Is Taking Off Weekends — And Media Is Covering It Up

Hillary exibited a pattern where she had seizures.  These occurances mixed with her laxadazical approach to rallies led us to believe she was sick.

Biden exemplifies similar patterns.  He slurs his words, stutters, says crazy things, pauses and makes up words when speaking.

Now we find out that Biden is taking weekends off as well.  The Palmieri Report shared today:

Biden has spent most of his weekends in Delaware.

Biden has spent 20 weekends in Delaware while only spending 9 at the White House.

By my count, this is Biden’s 20th weekend home in Delaware. Compares to: 10 weekends at Camp David , 9 at the WH and 1 overseas.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 23, 2021

Something is wrong with Joe Biden.  Like most failing elderly they like being at home where they feel safest.  


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