Biden does it again.  He flip-flops on what the US would do if China were to invade Taiwan. 

For a third time, Biden flip-flopped on what he would do if China invaded Taiwan.  He really has no idea what his policy is and no one else does as well.  If Biden’s policy is to confuse the world and pretend he is a senile old man, it is working.

Previously Biden walked back his comments on Taiwan.

Joe Biden Tells Reporters in Japan US “Will Get Involved Militarily” to Defend Taiwan – Staffers Immediately Walk It Back (VIDEO)

Today, FOX News is reporting on Biden doing it all over again.

President Biden walked back an assertion that the U.S. would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan against China for the third time of his presidency on Tuesday.

Biden stated unequivocally on Monday that the U.S. would send the military to defend Taiwan if China invaded the island nation. He walked back that statement on Tuesday, however, saying the U.S. position of “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan has not changed.

It was the third time of Biden’s presidency that he had appeared to announce the bombshell change in U.S. policy toward Taiwan only to have White House officials walk it back within hours.

China expert Gordan Chang discussed Biden’s errors:

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