Joe Biden delivered remarks on Amtrak’s 50th anniversary and the American Jobs plan during a visit to Philadelphia on Friday.

As Biden spoke about his years taking the train from Delaware to work in DC, he decided to share a bizarre story about his past interaction with an Amtrak conductor named Angelo.

Biden mustered an accent as he told a story about an Amtrak conductor named Angelo who used to always grab his cheeks.

Perhaps Biden’s drug cocktail began to wear off because he went down hill fast.

Biden’s word salad will make you question everything.

“Ya know, if you think about it…when I was Vice President with Barack, he allowed me to put together a budget for Amtrak and it had money for a high speed rail at 200 MPH — from, from uh, uh Charlotte, one, another line going from…in Florida, down to Tampa, another line — if we had moved…we’d have that tunnel fixed in New York now!,” Biden said.

Joe Biden has full blown dementia yet the media refuses to acknowledge his cognitive decline.


BIDEN: And so you know errrr if you think about it… Amtrak… Florida down to Tampa? WTF Joe?

— Maggie VandenBerghe (@FogCityMidge) April 30, 2021

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