Remember when Joe Biden bragged about Deb Haaland being the first Native American cabinet secretary in history of the United States?

Deb Haaland was not chosen to be Biden’s Interior Secretary because she’s qualified for the job.

She checked a box: First Native American cabinet secretary.


History made. Deb Haaland is our next Secretary of the Interior.

— Evergreen Action (@EvergreenAction) March 15, 2021

And this is the result…

Deb Haaland was left speechless and stuttering during Wednesday’s appearance before the House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and related agencies.

Secretary Haaland sat in silence and looked like a deer in headlights before muttering a few words.

She is completely clueless and couldn’t even answer a basic question on China and the production of critical minerals.

Haaland acted like a little girl getting scolded and used a childish voice to answer questions.

This video is shocking.


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