The Biden gang claims climate change caused the immigration crisis leading illegal immigrants to sneak into the US.  (It has nothing to do with liberal manipulation or policies.)

The Biden gang came out with its latest report on climate change.  This report claims climate change led to immigration.

In the ‘Introduction’ to the manuscript, Biden’s gang claims the climate is changing more than ever before (something that is impossible to measure) and it is intensifying more than ever before (also can’t be measured).  And to top it all off, Biden’s gang reports that climate change has led to immigration.

In addition, the report claims that anti-immigration political actors are using real and perceived challenges with ‘climate changed immigration’ to contribute to xenophobia and political tensions.

Below is the report.

Biden’s Report on the Impact of Climate Change on Migration by Jim Hoft on Scribd

More insanity for the insane world. 

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