The Biden White House just got more bizarre.   This past week it pretended to be near a container shipyard for a presser on supply chain failures.  

We reported on Biden’s presser a couple of days ago.

“Gifts Are Being Delivered, Shelves Are Not Empty” – Biden Absurdly Claims Supply Chain Crisis “Didn’t Actually Occur” (VIDEO)

Biden claimed that fewer truckers would not impact the already inefficient supply.

“I Say No” – Biden When Asked if Vaccine Mandate for Truckers will Worsen Supply Chain Crisis (VIDEO)

Per Twitchy, Individuals on Twitter noticed the bizarre background.

President Biden, at his supply chain meeting: “We heard a lot of dire warnings about supply chain problems leading to a crisis around the holidays, so we acted.”

“The much-predicted crisis didn’t occur. Packages are moving, gifts are being delivered, shelves are not empty.”

— Josh Wingrove (@josh_wingrove) December 22, 2021

Others noticed the craziness of this setting.

Straight out of North Korea.

— Jonathan Moore (@Myr226) December 22, 2021

What a strange gang.

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