What will it be next?  Biden’s White House set is a production just like his Administration is.

We’ve noticed for months that Joe Biden is giving his presentations to the media from a production set outside the White House.   This seemed very odd.

We first noticed Biden’s White House production when Biden took a booster shot on the fake set.

What Is Going On? Biden Takes Booster Shot on the Production Set of His Fake White House

The background outside the window changes like Biden’s statements on various topics.

Biden Blasts Republicans From Production Set Near White House: “Raising the Debt Limit is Paying Our Old Debts, It Has Nothing to do with New Spending” (VIDEO)

We even saw containers outside the White House a few days ago.

Biden’s White House Pretends It’s Next to Container Ship Loading Docks for Supply Chain Presser

Yesterday Biden’s production included snow.

Has there been an explanation for why they built a fake White House set for Biden across the street from the real White House?

The other day there were shipping containers outside the window. Today it’s a winter wonderland.

Just bizarre and phony. pic.twitter.com/LbLIvrlc3Z

— Tim Murtaugh (@TimMurtaugh) January 3, 2022

What a mess the Biden Administration is, led by a guy who doesn’t know what day it is let alone what’s outside his window.

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