Team Elise Executive Director Alex deGrasse joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Friday morning.

Alex is working with the National Republican Congressional Committee in taking back the US House from the Communist left.

In 2020 Republicans picked up 15 Congressional seats in the stolen presidential election.

This year, according to Alex de Grasse, Republicans are looking at a 30 to 40-seat pickup. And Republicans are on offense, running ads in 70 districts!

80% of the money Republicans are spending is on offense. That is huge! No wonder Democrats are panicked.

Voters, by 22%, support the candidate who can bring down the cost of living.

The spin is not working. The GOP is running ads highlighting Democrats, in their own words and with their own votes.

GOP is focusing on Democrat policies and the Biden recession. Democrats are running personal attack ads.

The Democrats purposely destroyed the country and the American way of life.

Now, if the fraud is kept at a minimum, Democrats will pay at the ballot box.

Via The War Room.

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