Big tech, the political establishment, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum are cohesively endeavoring to implement the Great Reset agenda and usher in a New World Order. This agenda can only be achieved by making the conservative, Christian, and pro-American paradigms obsolete and decimating public awareness by barring access to the truth.

Google has removed World Net Daily, the first online conservative news publication, from its search engine.

Readers who search for WND on Google are now directed to a page that issues an advisory when they click on the news site from the tech giant’s search engine.

“Warning — visiting this web site may harm your computer!” Google cautions. “Or you can continue to https//” at your own risk.”

Here’s a screenshot of the page.

The advisory instructs users to visit Google’s “Safe Browsing diagnostic page” for “detailed information about the problems for” the WND’s site.

The diagnostic page directs users to Google’s “Transparency Report,” which states there is, “No unsafe content found” on the WND.

Google even blocks  users from downloading images from the WND site.

“This file is so dangerous Chrome has blocked it,” Google warned when this reporter attempted to retrieve an image of the WND logo.

Prior to the 2016 election, World Net Daily was one of the leading online new sites on the Web.

Then tech giants resorted to collusion with the Democrat Party, the World Health Organization and even the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations to “stop the next Trump situation,” hijack the internet and rape and pillage the First Amendment.

Google is ramping up its effort to quash every news organization committed to exposing the truth and public corruption and the latest attack on WND may permanently defunct the a news organization that was the most preeminent source for conservative readers prior to the machine’s assault on free speech.

“Google demonetized a few months ago, which severely hurt our revenues, but this current attack is a genuine kill shot: Google is now warning the entire world that a respected 25-year-old independent Christian journalism site is harmful to their computer. That’s vicious,” WND’s managing editor David Kupelian told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

“Our tech team said this latest Google attack on WND was instigated by the appearance of a new advertiser on the site that had some sort of malware issue,” Kupelian continued. “That advertiser was immediately taken off WND, and indeed Google’s warning page links to a page that for many days now has clearly announced, in Google’s own words, ‘No unsafe content found.’

“Yet Google persists in persecuting WND in this way day after day, because our political, cultural and moral worldview is very different from Google’s. That, of course, is what this is really about.”

Mainstream media news organizations are not only financially safeguarded with exorbitant sponsorship from corrupt pharmaceutical companies, but are supported by Google and Big Tech for advancing false, anti-American narratives.

“After all, if it was or that experienced the same issue with an advertiser and then immediately dropped the advertiser when the problem became apparent, do we really believe that Google would be attacking CNN and the Washington Post day after day, warning the world that these leftwing sites they love ‘may harm your computer’? Of course not,” Kupelian added.

In addition to being removed from the Google search engine and ostensibly shadow banned on Facebook and every social media platform, tech giants are now categorizing WND’s email alerts as spam.

“Possibly even worse, WND is also receiving a flood of reader reports that subscribers to WND’s email alerts are seeing those emails redirected to their spam folders! It seems that once WND was officially condemned by Google as ‘harmful to your computer,’ the various email providers took the cue from Google and stopped delivering WND’s emails to their intended recipients,” Kupelian explained. “But as with most independent news sites, email is our lifeblood.”

HELP support WND amid the ongoing the assault on free speech and the First Amendment:

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