Kansas City Black Lives Matter activists carried a casket with a pig in it dressed as a cop.
The activists painted “The other white meat” on the side of the casket and “abolish the police.”

This story was mostly ignored by the liberal media.

BLM Marxists envision a world without police officers so thugs can run the streets. And they wonder why violent crime and homicides are up in every Democrat-run city in the US today?

Via Melissa Robey.

Burning a casket with a pig in a police hat isn’t a hate crime? Kansas City is a mess. @MayorLucasKC why is this ok?? This is “your city”?? Shame. @FoxNews @JennPellegrino @OANN @JackPosobiec @kcpolice @JudgeJeanine @ericbolling @newsmax pic.twitter.com/Aey7IxIYeI

— Melissa Robey (@Robey2020) June 5, 2021

Black Lives Matter protestors in Kansas City Sunday carrying a casket through downtown, resting it on the steps of police HQ. A pig dressed as an officer inside. “Abolish the police” and “the other white meat” painted on the exterior. pic.twitter.com/e8y0pTH0m9

— Chris Stigall (@ChrisStigall) June 7, 2021

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